Spencer Batt


Born and raised in the hop fields of Idaho's Snake River Valley, Spencer Batt's earthy sound is a direct product of his upbringing. Much time was spent sitting in the back of his father’s pickup truck listening to 60's and 70's rock 'n roll while cruising through the fields. It wasn't until dropping out of concert band and piano lessons that he found his love for guitar at the age of 16. From there he would go on to the University of Idaho where he would start his first band Clearview, and begin the path of singer/songwriter. Upon graduation, Spencer found himself without a proper job secured, but was scraping by playing music. This free spirited attitude turned out to be the catalyst that would ultimately lead to the incarnation of Boise based band Soul Serene. After 4 years of hitting the local scene and touring the northwest, Spencer returned to the University of Idaho to complete a master’s degree. Upon graduation in May 2014, Spencer once again decided to forego a “traditional” career and returned to music. Since then he has played nearly five hundred shows, crafted tens of songs, and has smiled more than the average guy should. Spencer plans to continue his quest in the music business, and hopes to release his eponymous debut on his own record label, Fargo Road Records, in 2016.