Soul Serene

The story...


The foundation for Soul Serene started with Spencer Batt, a hop farmer's son from a rural town in Southwest Idaho. Spending his days playing sports and working on the farm, Spencer focused his spare time and money on playing guitar and songwriting.

While attending the University of Idaho his friends encouraged Spencer to start playing fraternity parties and other gigs which gained him notoriety for his catchy, soulful songs that spread through the campus like wildfire. Recording demo cds in between classes he accumulated a wealth of over 200 songs that he shared with his friends and fans around the school.

Once graduated, Spencer moved to Boise, Idaho where he met friend and former bassist Jay Multanen. The two played a few times a month in the bars and clubs incorporating Spencer's friends Randy Redburn on the drums and Ryan Shaw on rhythm guitar. After a year of small gigs and collaboration they met sound engineer/bass player Jeremy Swain and started to push the band to another level of professionalism. With a hard working team and fan base behind them the band recorded their first EP 'Rooftops' with money they made playing shows encompassing mainly the Northwest.

Several years and countless shows later the band has had time to solidify a style of rock all their own. With current members Randy Redburn (drums), Jay Multanen (bass), and Spencer Batt (lead guitar/vocals) the band is still touring the Northwest playing anything from private parties, to bars, to festivals. Soul Serene is still loving the life and gaining new fans everyday.